30 Companies ALWAYS Hiring Home Workers


Ok, maybe the word ‘always’ is a bit of a stretch. But the truth is, there really are companies that hire home workers on a regular basis. Why? Well, I have a few thought on this. Maybe they hire only remote workers and their entire staff works from home…or wherever.…

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17 Options for Legitimate Data Entry Jobs


It’s the question you think you already know the answer to: “Are there any legitimate data entry jobs I can do from home?” You’ve searched all over the web and secretly know the answer to your question is “NO!”  Yet you press on. You keep looking, keep hoping, keep thinking…

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If You’re a Problem Solver


Mom Teacher Supervisor What do all these titles have in common? You got it.  Problem Solving skills.  Even if you don’t currently hold one of these positions, you have at least some problem solving skills under your belt.  Heck, that’s part of life.  It’s probably part of your DNA.  Resolving…

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