Exploring Virtual Employment With Sutherland Global Services

virtual jobs with sutherland global

This week I’m excited to introduce you to a company I learned of several months ago: Sutherland Global Services. This is a company that provides customer care on the behalf of their ever-growing list of telecommunication and online retail clients. Virtual employment with Sutherland Global consists of Customer Care Consultants, … Continue reading

Know About Web Design? Find Work at Home Jobs at Vortala

work at home jobs at Vortala

When it comes to mastering a niche, Vortala deserves the blue ribbon. Founded in 2004 and based in Palmer Lake, Colorado, they consist of a small team of website pros in North America, Australia, and Asia. Their specialty lies in designing, creating, and managing websites for healthcare professionals in three … Continue reading

10 Great Companies Hiring Virtual Programmers & Tech Smarties

virtual jobs

When it comes to companies hiring virtual programmers, web developers, and technical experts, freelancing isn’t the only option.  Teleworking has grown nearly 80% since 2005, and companies specializing in these services are big contributors in hiring real employees for virtual jobs.  Some of which have a staff made up exclusively … Continue reading