17 Companies Who Frequently Hire Home Workers

office_deskI am often asked: “what companies are hiring home workers NOW”. To which I answer: “there are several companies currently hiring, but you need to evaluate your skills and determine what you really want to do.”.

The reason I add that little caveat – the one about determining what you really want to do – is so you aren’t disappointed if you don’t get the job you applied for. You see, if you don’t have an interest in a specific area, you won’t sell yourself and therefore surely won’t get the job.

So I always ask you to determine what you want to do.

Based on the above common question, I decided to compile a list of companies who hire home workers. And do so frequently.  Keep in mind, though, as with any company the ones listed here have their good and bad points. The jobs are like any other – you either like ‘em or not, and the type of work is not for everyone.

American Support

This company hires American workers to take inbound and outbound telesales and support related calls. And the great thing is…you are hired as an employee so benefits may be available.

American Support is another provider of customer service support to their clients, but what makes them stand out is their “extra mile service”. They take pride in hiring the best and producing the best.

The training process is intense, but you are paid for it. As far as the hourly pay rate, I was not able to find the information on their website. That said, similar jobs pay around $9.00 per hour.

Here are their list of current jobs
Here is their application process


As a Customer Service Rep., you assist customers of wireless companies with their questions and concerns regarding their product and/or wireless service.  I believe the starting pay is $9.00 per hour. You will undergo a three week training period (Monday through Friday, 8 hours per day) and it is paid time. You will be hired as an employee and be eligible for benefits.

Working Solutions

They always seem to be hiring Customer Service Representatives., which is a good thing for you if this is the type of work you enjoy. Working Solutions contracts with big-name companies and use your skills as a Customer Service Rep. to assist their customers.

You are hired as an independent contractor and the work may include customer support, data entry, online chat…depends on the client and project.

I could not locate the pay offered, but from what I have found on the online forums, the average pay seems to be about $10.00 per hour. However, this may not be the starting rate.

Helios Media

This is a telemarketing company who often hires work-at-home phone agents. Requirements are:
• 18 years of age or older
• US Citizen
• Computer with High Speed Internet
• Basic Internet Skills
• Customer Service / Phone Experience
Although I don’t know too much about this company, I have read that this is a love-it-or-hate-it kind of job.


This is an outsourcing call center company who always seems to be looking for reps. From what I have read, this is a decent company to work for. There is a training period, which is paid, and you are also eligible for benefits if hired.


For the most part, they hire people to work at home for phone support of their products. Most of the customers you will assist are happy with the products / services, they just need a bit of assistance. Once in a while – like currently – Apple hires ITunes Chat operators, but these positions are few and far between.

The pay depends on the job, but on average you may earn up to $14.00 per hour. You are hired as employees so benefits may be available. Although the application process is simple, the interview process is a bit lengthy – up to three interviews !


Employee, not independent contractor. Although the jobs are seasonal / holiday related, they always hire during those times. Pay is every other week at the rate of $9.00 per hour. The training, which is basically how to sell the product (flowers) is a bit tough and lengthy.


Another seasonal/holiday company who hires inbound sales reps. Based on my research, although some calls are from customers placing orders, many are from customers who placed an order online and they are checking on the status of their order. You have plenty of opportunities to upsell, suggesting other flower arrangement options.

Demnd Media Studios

This company hires freelance writers to utilize their platform and share their work within Demand Media’s network or websites. Be cautioned that Demand Media Studios owns all the rights to the content you write, so be sure to read and understand the agreement before contributing your first assignment. They pay every Thursday and Friday via Paypal

American Express

American Express frequently hires home-based workers to take calls and assist customers with their account inquires. From what I have been able to determine, they are extremely picky in who they hire, so include a well written cover letter when applying and present yourself as a true professional. There is no selling and the schedules are fairly flexible. As an added bonus, the jobs are typically full-time with benefits. Unfortunately, I have not been able to obtain any information regarding pay, but I have read people state they pay “well for a customer service job”.

Aspire Lifestyles

This is a Corporate Concierge company who seeks to hire Customer Service Representatives and Concierges.

The Customer Service position provides high-quality customer service by handling inbound customer calls inquiring about debit card accounts and by offering additional assistance and services. The pay for the Customer Service Rep. jobs is $8.50 per hour.

As a home-based Concierge, you assist Aspire’s customers with basic concierge services, such as requests for entertainment, dining, adventures, and tourist options. This job requires a commitment of 34 hours per week, including occasional weekends and holidays. The pay starts at $11.00 per hour.


This company hires people to assist in insurance claims filing. They hire home-workers for service center support, which are telephone based call center-like positions; and e-support, which are non-phone support assisting customers via email and fax.

The jobs are very structured with little flexibility as far as schedules are concerned. The pay, from what I was able to determine based on research, is around $10.00 per hour. You are an employee and some benefits are included, including paid training and computer equipment.


This company provides Virtual Assistant services to their clients, and they hire independent contractors to do anything from website design and logo creation to appointment setting and inbound/outbound calls.

According to their website, you start working only 5 hours per week, and have the opportunity to increase the number of hours up to 20 per week. Their website did not indicate the pay rate, but people who reportedly work for them (as an independent contractor) make around $10.00 per hour.

Open English

Open English is an online English language school that was founded in Venezuela in 2006. You must be a native English speaker with a North American accent and be able to speak conversational Spanish and/or Portuguese. You will be teaching the English language to those who do not speak English fluently, or which to speak English as a second language.

Open English hires independent contractors, and they pay on a tiered basis.  From their website, the pay scale is:

$9 per class; $10 per class after the first 6 invoice periods (bi-monthly, approximately 15 days between invoices), $10.50 after 12 invoice periods, $11 after 18 invoice periods and $12 per class after teaching 48 consecutive invoice periods in good standing. (Each class is 45 minutes long and all materials are provided by Open English.) For each milestone of 2,000 classes taught, a teacher will receive an additional incentive of $1,000 USD. Incentive milestones are calculated and payments disbursed at the conclusion of the second and fourth quarters of each year. No partial incentive payments are considered.


English as a second language is the keystone of GoFluent. They hire employees (yes, employees) who have degrees or teaching certifications. For the most part, the teaching you will do is to corporate employees who need to learn “business” English and English as a second language because their job depends on accurate communication.

They require you to work a minimum of four hours per day, five days a week. In the U.S.A. they are currently hiring in the following states: Kansas, Missouri, Oregon, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington. In Canada we are currently hiring in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario for bilingual trainers who are English speakers and are bilingual in Japanese, Italian, Russian, German or French.

Direct Interactions

This company hires people to assist individuals who have unpaid parking tickets or need assistance with digital parking meters. Working for them, you will take incoming calls from motorists who are not always in the best of moods, so the ability to remain calm and not take things personally is a must.

The pay is $10.00 per hour with the training session paid at the rate of $9.25 per hour. If you are bilingual in both English and Spanish, then the pay is $12.00 per hour. If you are bilingual in both English and Russian, the pay is $11.00 per hour.


It seems that Cigna is always looking for people to work at home in the medical field. They frequently seek Registered Nurses (with current license) to perform work as a Case Manager, Coding Quality Specialist, Service Coordinator or Patient Liaison. The pay is not disclosed on their website, but similar positions pay an annual salary around $30,000.00 or more.


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  1. Awesome list ! I’ve been looking for a home job for a while so it’s refreshing to get an actual list I can go back to and check off the ones that work for me and the ones that don’t.

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