4 Ways to Earn Money With Amazon

I am a huge fan of Amazon.com.  I have made many purchases over the years, from electronics to shampoo.

Amazon has it all.  And, not only can you spend money, you can earn money.

Yep…You can make money with Amazon.com.  I have had first-hand experience with a few of these ideas, with varying success.  Here’s how you can earn with Amazon:

1) MTurk

MTurk is Amazon’s “Marketplace For Work”, where you get paid to do “Hits” (human intelligence tasks).  This is Amazon’s terminology for simple jobs you do for payment.  Browse through the Hits, select one (or two, or three…) that interest you, do the work and get paid.

Sounds simple, right?  It is, but before you get paid your work has to be approved by the requester (the creator of the Hit).  There are thousands of Hits, all of which are super easy – at least all the ones I reviewed.

A few examples of Hits:

  • Find company contact information
  • Search specific keywords on Google
  • Edit a short article

Like I said, these little jobs are easy as pie.  And, the pay is just as simple – meaning, for the most part, only a few cents per job.  Sure, you won’t make more than a few bucks a day, but the work is mindless and quick

2) Advertising Fees and aStore

Signing up with Amazon Associates gives you the ability to earn money selling Amazon products.  E-commerce is the principle behind this money maker.  With Amazon Associates, you choose from over a million products (according to Amazon) to advertise to your customers.

If you have a website or blog on a specific niche, you can earn up to 10% commission by promoting Amazon products related to your niche – provided the end result is a sale.  Advertising fees are essentially commissions paid to you when people make qualifying purchases.   How is this done ? You put a few Amazon items on your site or blog, a visitor makes a purchase, your earn the commission.

An aStore allows you to promote Amazon products on a larger scale – you can set-up a store in minutes.  And, if a visitor clicks through to other products on Amazon via your site, you could earn a commission on that sale, too.

Amazon Associates is very easy to use as they offer a large variety of links, widgets, and aStore options – all customizable to suit your site or blog.

3) Self Publish an E-Book

E-books are the big thing these days.  If you’re a writer and want to make your stories available to everyone, self publish to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.  Your books can be made available on a variety of platforms, including Kindel, IPad, IPhone, Android, Blackberry, Mac and PC – phew, what an audience!

What’s cool about Kindle Direct Publishing is the fact it takes less that 5 minutes to publish an e-book and it will be available on Amazon within 24 hours.  You retain control and the ability to edit your book at any time.

You’ll earn up to 70% in royalties and you get to set your selling price.  And, to get higher royalties, look into Createspace where you can sell your book in print form utilizing many free tools.

4) Sell Your Stuff

Until recently, I thought Amazon was just for buying.  Selling wasn’t an idea I considered, mainly because I assumed I needed to own an actual store in order to sell stuff on Amazon.

Selling on Amazon can be a simple reality.  In fact,  they offer two selling options:  1) Professional Plan, if you plan on selling more than 40 items, 2) Individual Plan, if you plan on selling less than 40 items.  If you select the professional plan, there is no “per item” fee, but there is a monthly fee of $39.99.  For the Individual Plan, there is a $0.99 fee for each item sold.  You should also consider shipping fees.  If Amazon fulfills orders on your behalf, they will charge the cost on to you.  If you ship items sold, be aware that some items, such as media products, are assessed Amazon platform shipping rates.

Go ahead and try out at least one of these easy ways to earn money with Amazon.

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  1. I have used Amazon Associates in the past, but it took forever to make anuy money. That said, my sister made at lease 200 bucks each month over the last year or so. She has a blog about handbags, so maybe her niche was just better than mine. I will try MTurk, though, so thanks for writing about that.

    • Hi Sharon, thanks for stopping by ! Ya, I have heard similar stories regarding some people making money and some not so much. I guess it’s all about having several options. Please let us know how you do with MTurk.

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