7 Job Ideas For Stay At Home Moms And Dads

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Regardless of the situation at hand, a stay at home job sure does help – no matter how you look at it. I recall a few years ago when my sister decided to leave her job and stay home to raise her children. Even though her husband had a secure job, it barely fulfilled all the needs of her young family. It didn’t take her long to realize that a little more income would be a nice benefit.

But with little kids under foot, how the heck can you get any work done ? Well, why not get them involved ? Now I’m not condoning child labor in any way shape or form, but kids really do want to help mom and dad. Not only will you get to spend the valuable time with your little ones, they will learn powerful lessons that they will carry throughout their lives.

So…what are some job ideas for stay at home moms or dads that don’t take them away from the kids ?

Pet Sitting

I know of many pet owners who dread the thought of leaving their four-legged family member in a kennel, pet boarding house, or other “away from home” care taker that consists of strangers. If you love animals, why not offer pet sitting services ? What do the kids get out of this stay at home job ? They learn the responsibility necessary for taking care of pets. And it’s fun.

Cake Decorating

A cake is a staple of parties and celebrations of any kind. If you like to put a decorative spin on an otherwise plain-Jane cake, this may be a great option for you. Cupcakes are a great hit, too, and so yummy. If you’re interested in cake decorating as a home job, but haven’t mastered your skills, a good resource for online lessons can be found at

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