Clerical and Administrative Support Jobs

Clerical and administrative support jobs are well suited for the work at home job seeker. These duties will always be a necessity of any size – and type of company. And, with the availability of online sources of communication, providing this type of work has become easier. Business owners may not have the time to take care of the day-to-day tasks pertaining to running their business. If this is your area of expertise, there are many jobs available. From online customer service agents, to administrative support, many companies are willing to pay someone to work in their own home providing such services.

The pay isn’t going to be the best – minimum wage for some companies, up to $15.00 per hour for others – but hey, if you already have the skills then the work is going to be easy for you. Look at it this way: a few hundred dollars a month is better than nothing, and can make a big difference.

A Few Tips To Help You:

1) The better your skills, the better your chances of making more money. If you have to brush-up on your administrative skills, I encourage you to do just that.  Even if you provide administrative services in a specific niche, broadening your horizons opens the doors for more opportunities.

2) You will need a dedicated office space, especially if you have children. A quiet environment is very important as you are a reflection of the company you are working for.

3) Be professional !  Your name is at stake here.  Your performance should be professional at all times – from answering the phone to sending emails.

4) Be organized !  This is so important.  Who wants to spend a bunch of time searching, hunting, and scouring for important documents, phone numbers, and contacts ?  You need to spend your time doing your work.

5) Home based admin. jobs (be it clerical, call center, or customer support) offer flexibility. But remember…you still have a job to do.

6) Once hired, you may find that you are not able to receive as many work hours as you need.  Feel free to apply for multiple companies and accept the jobs with the hours that work for you.

Following are some legitimate companies seeking Administrative and Customer Care employees to work at home

Sykes Home (formerly Alpine Access)

Blue Zebra

Brighton Communications

Cloud 10


Extended Presence



Jet Blue


Professional Dispatch Services

Service 800

Telecare Corp.

The Appointment Biz

VIP Desk

Virtel Marketing

VForce Agents (formerly Auto Club Renewals)

Working Solutions


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