Remote Marketing Jobs You Can Live Off: Current Leads

remote marketing jobs

Bringing you remote marketing jobs that are current and legitimate.  It’s what I do so you don’t have to. If I had to do it all over again, my choice of career would be marketing.  Not only because of the great deal of flexibility and creativity that comes with this…

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5 Favorable Skills of Successful Home Workers

successful home worker trophy

Some skills come naturally, some are acquired over time. Communication, flexibility, and organization skills may be part of your general make-up. Do you pride yourself in being a terrific problem-solver?  Can you multi-task with ease? These are all skills that have been drilled into our brains time and time again.…

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3 Definitive Reasons You Can’t Get a Work At Home Job

number three

Even with the growing number of companies offering work at home employment, getting one of these jobs seems harder than ever. There is so much competition, employers are often overwhelmed.  And when they’re overwhelmed, it takes them longer to make decisions.  Sadly, many companies don’t bother responding to the deluge…

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Lazy Girl’s Way to $20.00 a Day


I’m lazy. And I’m not ashamed to admit it. I need to make money and I want to do it with a legitimate online job. All I want is to make $20.00 a day. That’s it. Shouldn’t be too hard to achieve, right? But there are two things working against…

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How Much Money Do You Need To Make?

money bags

You do the math in our head. You think you know how many hours you need to work each week, and how much you must make per hour. But at the end of every month the reality slaps you in the face when you discover you haven’t quite met your…

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