Can You Make a Living Transcribing With Rev ?

transcription jobs with rev

An online audio transcription and document translation service, Rev is based in San Fransisco, CA and hires native-speaking freelance transcriptionists. Their claim to fame among the world of remote transcription jobs is the fact they pay quickly…more on that a bit later. Can you Make a Living Transcribing With Rev…

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Exploring Virtual Employment With Sutherland Global Services

virtual jobs with sutherland global

This week I’m excited to introduce you to a company I learned of several months ago: Sutherland Global Services. This is a company that provides customer care on the behalf of their ever-growing list of telecommunication and online retail clients. Virtual employment with Sutherland Global consists of Customer Care Consultants,…

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GMR Transcription: No Experience Needed for This Online Job

woman with transcription headset

I am always happy to learn of online jobs that don’t require experience, and lucky for all of us “stay-at-homers” I found one: GMR Transcription is currently hiring general typists and transcriptionists with some medical knowledge to join their team. Reading through the job description it appears they have plenty…

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Virtual Assistant Jobs

satisfaction interviewer with Maritz

These Companies Frequently Hire Home Workers

Virtual Assistant jobs make up a large portion of the work from home arena. What is a Virtual Assistant? Well, in a nutshell, it is someone who performs services, administrative support and assistance to individuals and companies – remotely…

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