Data Entry Jobs You Can Do From Home. And They’re Legitimate!

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Let’s face it, legitimate data entry jobs are very difficult to find.  Because this type of work is extremely home-friendly, it seems everyone wants to do it.  And, as a result, the competition is fierce.  Not to mention the abundance of scams in this realm.  But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

When it comes to data entry, I am reminded of the old days when I used to type numbers into a Lotus spreadsheet (predates MS Excel by a few years).  For hours on end, I would plug these numbers into the computer, occasionally stepping away from my desk to stretch my aching back.  The work was boring and the pay…well…sucked.

But that was then. Times have changed, and so have the needs of companies.  Even though the term “data entry” still carries the same basic meaning, there is actually more to it.  The jobs are a bit more diverse – from entering actual data into other forms of media, to transferring audio files into written words, legitimate data entry jobs encompass a broader range than in the past.

And, fortunately for you, we have discovered a few companies who DO have such jobs.  This line of work is perfect for a stay at home mom, individuals who simply want to work at home and make money online, or those who are interested in making a bit of extra cash.



There are a ton of simple data entry tasks you can do after you sign up with MTurk.  From entering data from images of business cards to entering specific words, names, and string of numbers there always seems to be plenty to do. Even though the pay per task is only a few pennies, they only take a minute or two to complete.  Sign up, find a “HIT”, make money.  Simple as that.


Virtual Bee

Formerly, Virtual Bee has re-branded themselves to expand their work opportunities.  Seeking home based workers, they are in the business of providing data entry services.  Sign up, answer a few questions, and you’re on their list but there is a bit of a waiting list.



A freelance platform that used to be known as Odesk, Upwork always seems to have plenty of people and businesses looking to pay others to do their data entry, typing, and web research tasks.


Quick Tate

As a typist you will transcribe voicemail messages, legal notices, memos, recorded calls, and medical records into simple text files and “deliver” them via email to clients.



This is a well known platform for you to show off your services, set your pay rate, and snag clients who seek your services.  Getting work can be done in two ways:  You can either wait to be contacted by clients or you can search for the jobs that interest you and submit a proposal to the one who needs your service.



Even though this is a transcription and translation company, the constant flow of work involved is basically typing.  You may do captioning, subtitling, transcription, and translation depending on the needs and your skills.



This is a reputable platform for people to locate legitimate data entry jobs that don’t require too much time to do.  The pay is $5.00 per completed job, which isn’t too bad for a few minutes of work.



On occasion, Xerox hires people to do data entry from home.  This well-known company encourages work/life balance and has a variety of remote jobs.  Although the data entry jobs go fast, they do come up every few months or so.



A virtual Executive Assistance company, Zirtual frequently hires people to do a variety of jobs including data entry into spreadsheets and record keeping.  The pay has been reported to be between $10.00 and $15.00 per hour and what you make depends on the client.  Eddy over at did a great write-up of Zirtual.




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