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Fiverr logoWhat is Fiverr and how Does it Work ?

I learned of Fiverr a few years ago, and it didn’t take me long to realize it is a great way to make a few bucks providing a service or product. You create a gig, you get notified when your gig is ordered, and then you get paid. The gigs cost the purchaser $5.00. Get it ? Fiverr…$5.00…

Granted, there are some pretty silly services and products being sold on Fiverr, but there are some truly legitimate ones too. Ask yourself this: What would you do for $5 ? If writing is your thing, you can post a gig like: “I will write an article of 400 words on the topic of roses for $5”. Or, if you are an artist at heart, you can post a gig like: “I will create Twitter profile image for $5”. Be creative. who knows, someone may order your product or service hundreds of times.

So, ready to freelance with Fiverr?  Let’s go over a few things first.

The First Steps:

Once you visit the Fiverr website, you can sign up / start an account via Facebook.  You will then have the opportunity to create your ‘gig’.

What is a gig, you ask?  It’s the service or product you provide.  After your gig is created, it has to go through the approval process, which is fairly quick.  The guys and gals at Fiverr need to review every gig to be sure it complies with the Terms of Service.

Tips to draw in the customers:

  • When creating your gig, make sure to create a catchy title.
  • Be sure to select the appropriate category so your gig is found when people search Fiverr.
  • Create a cover image that represents your gig.  Many people are visual purchasers, meaning they are influenced by what they see more so than what they read.  So having an image that stands out is a great way to attract buyers.
  • Write a very descriptive gig, but don’t make it too long.  You need to let potential customers know what you will do for them and gain their trust.
  • Promote your gig on social networks.  Get the word out.  After you create your gig, use the social sharing buttons located at the top of the page.

How Much Will I Get Paid ?

Five bucks per job ? Well, no, not exactly. Fiverr takes their cut of 20%, or $1.00 or each $5.00 gig. Still…not too bad for a quick gig. You can set up “Extras” and “Multiples” and earn even more money.  An Extra is an add-on to your original service that offers a more customized and complete package.  Multiples are the original gig offered in bulk.

How Do I Get Paid ?

You first have to provide the service, then deliver it to the buyer (aka your customer).  When the work is done, from the Order page click the Deliver Work button and attach any necessary files or messages.  An order confirmation is automatically sent to your customer, who indicates the completion of the order.  Using Paypal or your Fiverr Revenue Card, you can withdraw your earnings 14 days after order completion.  The reasons you aren’t paid immediately after completing the gig is to allow the buyer to approve or dispute the order and to allow payment to clear.

Need Some Extra Help?

Here are the Fiverr FAQs for Sellers
Common Fiverr Q&A




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