Get Paid To Answer Questions Online

To many, this may sound like a scammy way to earn money. But the truth is, you really can get paid to answer questions online.  If you know a lot about a few things, or a little about a lot of things, why not share your knowledge ? There are a few things you should understand, though. First of all, You won’t get rich doing this. The pay depends on the company and the type / amount of questions you answer. It may not be a ton of money, but it may pay a few bills. Secondly, the work may not be as consistent as you are hoping for, but this may actually work in your favor.

For the most part, the process starts with you completing an online application with whichever company interests you. And yes, you can apply with as many companies as you desire. A subject matter test will be offered to you to determine your level and area of expertise, as well as the opportunity to verify your credentials. Once you are approved to join the “team”, you set up your profile. This is an important step, and may vary with each company, as this is your opportunity to “sell” your expertise to potential answer-seekers.

Following are several legitimate sites that seek people to answer questions.
They are currently expanding their database of experts, in all areas.
According to, you can join their community of professionals who answer questions. On your time. How does it work? A customer sets an amount (rate) (s)he is willing to pay for an answer. “newer” experts get paid 25% of the rate, more experienced experts can earn up to 50%.
Be matched to people with questions within your realm of expertise and b paid accordingly. seeks workers in USA, Europe, and Israel.

Student of Fortune
Users who seek help with academic or technical help post questions online, offering a “bounty” for what they are willing to pay for a tutorial that answers their issue. You, as a tutor, write up a tutorial for their question and get paid.

Small Biz Advice
If you have expertise in starting or running a small business, why not share your knowledge ?
Video chat experts with earn money from the comfort of their home. How does it work? You are provided the tools to become a video chat expert where people with questions of a specific topic see and talk to you live. You re paid 50% of what your Guest pays, which ranges from $0.98 to $9.80 per hour, depending on what you charge, your seniority and your overall Guest rating.

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