Test Products: Work at Home Beta Testing

Have you wondered who tests the new products that just came out on the market? Believe it or not, but many companies seek people to test products. Before we get too excited about this, it’s important to realize that you don’t really get paid – at least not in the sense of cash.  Typically, you’re “paid” in the form of points or products.  The nice thing is, you get to test a variety of products from software to shampoo.  And, for the most part, you get to keep the items.

So, if you’re on the hunt for freebies, here is your chance to be a beta tester, aka product tester, for some of the big companies.

Seeking feedback on new product releases, Adobe’s goal is to produce bug-free products for their consumers.  You test their software and inform them of problems, issues, and experiences so they can provide the best product to the public.

American Consumer Opinion (aka Decision Analyst)
As the survey department for their parent company Decision Analyst, Inc., American Consumer Opinion pays you to test a large variety of products.  You earn points, which are equivalent to one penny.

Franklin Foods
As a member, you will receive email invites to participate in online surveys, give feedback on packing ideas, and/or test new products that will be mailed to your home.  Although you are not paid to test any product, or provide feedback, you do get to keep whatever they send you.  They may also send you recipes and coupons towards new products.

General Mills
Known as the Mills Advisory Panel, joining gives you the opportunity to share your opinion on General Mills and Small Planet Foods products.  You become part of a group that provides feedback and influences the look and taste of their products.  For many of the tests you perform, you are given points which can be used towards prizes.

This product testing panel is a bit different in that they encourage you to share your opinions about specific brands within the Influenster community.  The most active members are invited to participate in exclusive programs and receive products to review.  After testing the product (which you get to keep – and they’re usually full size, not the tiny trial sizes), you share your opinion within the community.

Kraft First Taste
As a First taste tester, you are one of the first people to know of and try the newest Kraft products.  .  You get exclusive savings from Kraft to use towards new items, and then you can give your opinion and share your thoughts with Kraft.

Good Housekeeping Beauty Lab
The Beauty lab looks for women to evaluate products as a way to assist in determining which beauty products really work best.  If you’re age 35 or over, contact them to be a tester.  In some cases you may have to go to their Manhattan office, but for the most part the products are sent to you – which you get to keep.

Although you’re not paid to test products, you do get to keep everything you test – and they are usually the full-size version of the item, not a ‘trial size.  You share your opinion of the products on your Facebook, Twitter, etc. accounts – which is what Smiley360 expects you to do.


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