Get Paid To Write Articles

If you enjoy writing and are looking for a way to earn a little bit of money, then article writing may be what you’re looking for. It’s true…who knew you could get paid to write articles ? Write about any topic you like, anything that interests you, and make some money. If writing comes naturally to you, then this is an easy way to make money.

So…How do You Get Paid to Write Articles?

Simply sign up with any of the following sites (free to do) and start writing. You make money by allowing advertisements to be displayed within your article (relevant to your article) and you get a cut of the revenue generated. The amount of money you make is related to how popular you article is and how many readers of your article click the ads. Granted, the pay may not be that high per writing, but if you sign up with more than one, you have a chance of making more money. So, if you can write well, then this may be a cinch for you. At a minimum, About Guides must publish two full-length articles every 14 days and update their blog one to three times per week. Guides in the first two years of their contract – are guaranteed to make at least $725 per month

HubPages Sign-up is free and you can write about virtually any topic you like. The better the article, the more visitors, and the more money you can make. You receive a portion of the revenue generated from advertisements within your article. You must also have an account with Google Adsense (generates the ads). Very similar to HubPages, Squidoo allows you to write about anything. Money you earn is based on a portion of the revenue generated by ads that are displayed within your article.

Associated Content You can make money by submitting text, video, and audio content. you can earn money through upfront payments and performance bonuses earned on the number of page views your work receives.

PayPerPost This is a venue where you write blog posts about various websites, products, services, or companies – advertisers are willing to pay you for your writing. With Helium, you are joining a community of writers. Articles are ranked by readers and other writers, and you are paid based on your article’s rank. An article’s rank is based on the quality, amount of visitors to the article, and advertiser’s interest in the article.

Xomba Another Google Adsense revenue sharing site, you have the option to write articles or simple “blurbs” (small snippets). You are paid a portion of the Adsense revenue generated.

Triond Write an article and if Triond thinks it’s acceptable they will publish it on a website for you. The more views you get on this web-page the more money you earn. Triond is another Google Adsense revenue sharing site.

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