What Are Some Good Places to Make Money Writing?

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Ahhh, writing.  It’s a natural flow for some and a headache for others.  Me, I’m somewhere in the middle. I enjoy writing (when I’m in the mood), but my use of grammar isn’t always the best.  In fact, I often find myself switching up one word or phrase for another, just to avoid any possible critical review of my writing.  Unfortunately, this tactic doesn’t always seem to work so writing to make money isn’t a realistic option for me…what about you???

You’re here because you like to write and want to see if you can make money blogging and article writing.  You’re interested in knowing of some good places to write for, from home.  Keep in mind, writing is not the highest paying ‘job’, but one that can be satisfying for the creative-minded individual.  Speaking of pay, each company is different.  Some are revenue sharing (you and the company share the revenue generated from advertising, such as Google Adsense), some pay you by the word, some by the article.  Your writing may bring in a few dollars per article, and in some cases less.  In some cases more.  A well written article can pay up to $30.00, but on average I believe $12.00 is what can be expected.  That said, the product review writing tasks will typically pay much less.  Maybe $5.00 per review.

So…to answer that question…

What are Some Good Places to Make Money Writing ?

Here are Some Places That Pay you to Write.

Blogger Jobs They currently have several openings for bloggers and online writers.

Blogging.org  Write as many articles as you want, increasing your chances of your work being sold.  Articles sell for anywhere from $1.50 to $20.00 per article, and premium content writers can earn up to $30.00 per hour.

ProBlogger.net This is probably the best “writing jobs only” job board.  Although these jobs are often one-time shots, there are tons to choose from.

writersresearchgroup.com Seeking writers, editors, researchers and data entry specialists to join their team.

Content Current They hire contract writers who are native English speakers to write articles and custom writing tasks.  You get to pick you writing jobs that suit your interests.

HubPages Write articles on any topic you desire (but keep it clean), and you have the potential to earn money via advertising.  Hubpages is a revenue sharing writing platform, meaning you and they share the income generated when someone clicks the advertisements within your written article.  Similar to a blog or website, you are responsible for getting people to visit your articles.  The more people who visit, the more chances you have for earning money.  Unfortunately, this is a “slow and steady” way to earn, but if you are good at writing you can create an unlimited number or articles.

Sponsored Reviews  On your own blog, you write honest reviews about their advertiser’s products and services and earn cash.  UPDATE: to sign up as a blogger wanting to write reviews, Sponsored Rewiews requires a tax id or ss# in order to proceed with the sign-up process.  I don’t like this !

ReviewMe  Similar to Sponsored Reviews, you make money reviewing and promoting products.
UPDATE: as of this date, Sept. 30, 2013, ReviewMe is not accepting new bloggers.

Triond.com You write, they publish your writing within their network, you get paid.

The Paper Experts Write custom term papers, thesis and dissertations for their clients.

Content Blvd  A provider of outsourced writing services, you are paid for each article accepted for one of their clients blog.

Demand Media Studios  After applying (and being accepted) and indicating your writing interests, you are assigned writing tasks that may be distributed within their publishing network.

Bukisa  This is a ‘HOW TO’ publishing platform where you can publish guides sharing your knowledge and experiences.  You earn ongoing ‘royalties’ via Google Adsense.

Xomba is a community for people “who like to write and share”, according to their website.  You earn money via Google Adsense, where ads are placed on your articles and the revenue is split 60/40, with Xomba getting the 60%.

Article Teller  You work as a freelancer, accepting writing projects.  Projects may be blog articles, press releases, or resumes, just to name a few examples.  You earn $81% of every piece of work you create that is purchased by a client.



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