How To Find Online Jobs From Home

Seroiusly, how ?

You’ve seen it all before.

The blogs, the emails, and the online forums.  All giving you advice on how to find online jobs from home.

And you think to yourself: “then why can’t I find one ?”

But few sources really dig into the facts.  Few spill the true nitty-gritty.  Many, and I mean MANY, sources just spew out the same old crap.

So you get frustrated.

But you don’t have to end your search.  You just have to face some facts, truths, and realities.  And realize there are some great sources that will help you find the perfect online job.

The #1 Question Asked: “Are There Any Legitimate Online Jobs Out There?”

Ummm…YES !

First – and I say this all the time – you just have to know what you want and what you need. Knowing these two things will make it easier to find a satisfying job. There are many home-based jobs with legitimate companies, as well as freelance gigs and simple “task” jobs. Companies of all sizes, locations, and industries. What type of job you take on is up to you and your situation.

Here’s a little test for you.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What skills and talents do I have?  Can I write, do graphic art, know a lot about computers ? (you get the idea)
  • How many hours do I WANT to work ?
  • How many hours CAN I work?
  • How much money do I want to make ?
  • Do I need to work around my family’s schedule…nights, weekends, 9-5 hours?

Your answers to these questions will let you pinpoint the type of job that will work for you. You will figure out if you only have the time to work a part-time job, if you can swing a full-time job, or if just some extra cash in your pocket is enough.

When thinking about your skills don’t sell yourself short. Your skills may be hidden in what you think are “filler” jobs – the jobs you did when you were in your teens, the jobs you took on just to get by for a few months.  If you worked in retail, you have sales and service experience . If you were a waitress (or waiter), you have customer service skills. If you know how to use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin you have social media skills.  See what I mean?

Where To Find An Online Job: Sources are Closer Than You Think

Start With Your Favorites

Go to your favorite website and look for a link to their “Careers”,  “Jobs”, “Work For Us”, or  “Join Our Team” page.  This is often placed at the top of the website, within the navigation menu.  If not, scroll to the bottom of the website, it may be located there.  Still not finding a “Jobs” link ?  Go to the “About Us” page.  I see many companies list their open positions here, or a link to their jobs page.  And, if you come across a links that says “Meet the Team”, go ahead and click on it.  Jobs are sometimes listed there.

Use Your Brain

Think long and hard about what you like to do. Seriously consider freelancing in the area that most interests you. You can make a full-time salary doing what your like, on your time. As a freelancer, you are your own boss. There are several great freelance sites that are free to join and have a LARGE selection of clients seeking people to do specific jobs – either on a one-time basis or long term. Upwork, and Guru are great places to start for a variety of freelance options and 99 Designs is a popular platform to find web, logo and graphic design gigs.

The Web is Your Friend

Use the power of the Web. Check out websites that are specific to online jobs by doing an internet search for phrases such as: legitimate work at home jobs, online jobs from home, how to find online jobs…you get the idea. There are so many websites that out there that list jobs with real companies, however, it does take time to scroll through the best of them. Another option is to join communities on the web that cater to people seeking to work at home. One of my personal favorites is

Ask…You May Receive

Before you quit your day job, ask your employer if they would consider letting you switch your status from employee to contractor. With the advances in technology, it is so easy to accomplish nearly everything with a smart phone and a laptop. Write up a compelling proposal explaining the pros of being a contractor and how it will benefit the company. Include ways how the company will save money by not having to provide office space and equipment for you. And, if you can afford it, how the company will save money by not having to offer you benefits (word of caution: health insurance is expensive, so be sure you can either afford it or you are on someone else’s plan). Also, in your proposal, be sure to outline how you will perform your job at home. Detail your work habits and schedule.


How to Tell If The Job Or Company Is A Scam

  1. If it sounds too good to be true, it probable is. Yup, the golden rule.
  2. If they ask for money, they’re probably a scam. That being said, I am coming across more and more legitimate companies who request you pay for a background check. In my opinion, this is ok, provided the cost is not too high (I would not pay more than $50.00). After all, they are taking a leap of faith too in the hopes you are a responsible person. The fee for background check is typically not refunded if you don’t get hired.
  3. Don’t even give a second thought to a company that claims you will make a bunch of money or they guarantee wealth.
  4. Craigslist, and the like, has a ton of so-called home based jobs within their employment section. A few signs the ad is a scam: the ad is in all capital letters, the ad is vague, they claim you can work just a few hours a month and make a ton of money.


Final Words

Lastly, I would like to point out that there is a ton of competition for online jobs. So, while you seek that perfect position, you may want to consider performing some simple, yet quick, tasks that will pay a few bucks per “job”.

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