What’s all the Hubbub About Online Writing Jobs ?

Kathleen Lewis

After many years of working for someone else, I was faced with the opportunity of doing my own thing. I grabbed the chance to develop my skills and share my knowledge in the areas of working at home and finding online work.

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2 Responses

  1. Stacey Graves says:

    Thanks for letting us know of the minuses regarding writing jobs. Often, we are so desperate to find a home job that we follow the advice given by others, without realizing the downsides. I like to write, and have been doing some guest blogging, but I find it hard to constantly come up with new ideas. Any suggestions ?

    • Kathleen Lewis says:

      Hi Stacey,

      I can totally understand how you feel about having difficulty coming up with ideas. Some of my suggestions to get ideas:
      1) check out what people are asking, within your niche / topic, via sites such as Askville.amazon.com and answers.yahoo.com
      2) find out what is trending; what are the hot topics? look at yahoo trending, ebay trends
      3) I often find inspiration on forums within my niche.

      Hope these ideas help.

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