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Are there any legitimate online jobs out there?

The short answer: YES. The long answer: YES, but a legit. home job won’t just fall onto your lap. You have do do some homework to figure out what you really want. I have read over and over again the many complaints that real work at home jobs don’t exist. I work at home, and make a decent living. But it wasn’t easy for the first few years. It took a while to build up my clientele, as well as my level of skill. But I did it. And you can too.

Think of it this way: any legitimate work from home job requires some work on your end. Sure, you can make money doing little “jobs” here and there, but to really consider yourself as having a REAL stay at home job you need to WANT it. Not just the money that hopefully will follow, but a drive fueled by your passion. First off, you should determine why you want to work at home. Are you seeking an actual job that pays a regular wage, or do you just want to make a bit of extra money? If you want to work at a full-time capacity, take inventory of your current skills, your personal needs, and your desires. What do you have to offer? What can you do? If you just want to supplement your income, then the choices are endless and a high level of skill is not required. But for an actual day-to-day job that can be done at home, then a background in a specific area may be necessary.

So…What’s Available ?

There are so many options. By following the advice given earlier, you can pick and choose your path. Let me throw out a few ideas for you, and if these ideas don;t fit your style, take a look at the menu items at the right.

Accounting / Bookkeeping If you have a background in accounting and bookkeeping, this type of job is right up your alley. There are a few companies who seek home workers, and the pay is competitive with the traditional 9-5 job.

Computer / IT / Tech. Support As long as there are computers, there will be a need for Programmers, IT and Computer Technical Support.

Virtual Assistant Probably the most popular work-at-home category today, virtual assistant jobs (also known as a VA’s) allow you to stay at home and perform jobs such as administrative, secretarial, and general assistance to businesses of any size. From accounting and bookkeeping, to receptionist duties, general office work, errands, and event planning…the list goes on.

Artistic / Creative Field For those with an artistic sense, share your skills in the form of online photography, greeting cards, and a variety of artistic venues to match your creative side. Show off your artistic and creative talents and make some money while you”re at it. Search our list of companies seeking artistic workers.

Product Testing This is a fun way to make some extra money and supplement your current income. As an at-home product tester, you can test products for well-known companies and provide valuable feedback. This is a very easy, and legitimate, work at home job.

About Kathleen Lewis

After many years of working for someone else, I was faced with the opportunity of doing my own thing. I grabbed the chance to develop my skills and share my knowledge in the areas of working at home and finding online work. It's what I do so you don't have to.


  1. Feel free to take a look around this site, there are many companies listed. Which country are you located in ?

  2. Christina Ann Aleprete

    Hi, I really like your website.Much information for anyone looking for online employment. I’ve been disabled from having back issues for about ten years and at first I thought well, this isn’t so bad.I’ve been collecting social security disability and working part time as a hairstylist.I have about 30 plus years of experience in hair services and customer service and sales. That is, hair care and products. But, the problem is now I really can’t work from home because I can’t stand for long because of back and knee problems. All those years working as a hairstylist didn’t help me as far as standing for sometimes 10 hours straight. By the time I was finished for the night, my feet and back were screaming at me. I’ve managed to take courses at the local community college in computer and business management and also pyschology. I wanted to be a well oriented office person but, without basic experience out there in the workforce, forget it. But, anyway, I was really thinking it would be nice working from home .I don’t need a full time position because it would interfere with my disability earnings, so I would really appreciate if you could give me a little bit of help, every tip recieved graciously. Well, this wasn’t supposed to be soo long, sorry, but great site and I will be sharing this site to my friends and family. Everyone needs a little bit of help along the way. Sincerely, Christina

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