Large List Of Companies That Hire Home Workers

Being able to stay at home and make a living is a dream of many, yet accomplished by few. It can happen, though. You just have to know where to start. You may go through some trials and errors before you find what really interests you. You may even give up on the dream all together.

If you believe what you read, you may even think legitimate work at home jobs don’t exist.  Well, they do (Large list of companies that hire home workers below). And there are a ton of them in a variety of arenas. First, though, you have to figure out what you want to do. What interests do you have? Go ahead and try a few things before settling on anything. Who knows, you may wind up doing something you never even considered.

I understand how hard it is to find a REAL online job. Boy, do I ever. Fortunately the resources are better today than they were several years ago. I am drawing from my personal experience to provide this extensive list to you. Although companies change their criteria from time to time, I do my best to provide an accurate list of no-fee online jobs.

The following companies claim to hire employees who wish to work at home. While these companies are offer real jobs, we suggest you double-check with them to determine if they are still hiring home workers. While many companies have employees who telecommute, the decision to telecommute is made jointly between an employee and his or her manager, based on the feasibility of performing the work from home and other factors.

Companies Hiring Home Workers:

Accutran Global Copy editing, proofreading, transcription, translation services

Sykes Home (aka: Alpine Access)

American Airlines

American High Tech Transcription

Applied Medical Services

AR Recovery Healthcare receivables

Ascend Healthcare Systems Medical transcription

V Force (formerly Auto Club Renewals Telephone agents

Blue Zebra Cold calling appointment setters

Brain Fuse Tutoring. Must have a resume.

Brighton Communications Telemarketing Accounting / bookkeeping

Cloud 10 Customer Care

Content Current


Craft Gossip

CSS Transcription


Dion Data Solutions

e How

E Transcription Solutions

Encompass Medical Transcription, Inc.

Extended Presence


Homeworking Tutor

HubPages Write about anything, make money via advertising sharing.

Jet Blue Provide psychic readings

Life Tips



Morningside Partners

Mulberry Studio

Nuance Medical Transcription

On The Record Reporting And Transcription

Parenting Squad 

Perfect Transcription

Phoenix MedCom, Inc.

Professional Dispatch Services

Quick Tate

Sales Roads Appointment Setter, Lead Generation

Service 800 Customer Service / Call Reps.

Tad Accounting

Telecare Corp.

The Paper Experts

The Transcription Agency

Tiger Fish

TransTech Medical Solutions

Tutor Vista Tutoring

Aspire Lifestyles Customer Service

Virtual Bee

Way With Words

Working Solutions

Many people ask if any of these companies hire outside the USA. While the majority of these companies only hire USA based workers, several do hire bi-lingual employees. Feel free to browse the categories indicated on the left for a job that fits your interest.

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