Smart Phone Apps That Earn You Money

Image courtesy of stuart miles /

Image courtesy of stuart miles /

Did you know you could make money with your smart phone ?  I know, I was surprised too when I realized this.  In all honesty, though, I shouldn’t be too surprised.  After all, aren’t smart phones supposed to be all-knowing?

From doing quick little errands to helping a company figure out their marketing needs, you can load an app on your phone and earn a bit of side money.  I guess you could say your smart phone is paying you to do what you do anyway.

Way to alleviate some of the cost of that fancy, new-fangled thingy, right?

Here are Several Smart Phone Apps That Earn You Money:

Field Agent
Sign up as a Field Agent and begin making money with your IPhone. Download the app and perform one of the jobs. An example: get a price check with a photo. The app will instruct you to go to a particular store, find a specific product, take a photo of it as it fits on the store shelf and enter into the app the price. pay is typically between $3.00 and $12.00 per job.

Gig Walk
Similar to Field Agent, Gig Walk is a downloadable app for your IPhone or Android phone. You perform simple gigs such as store audits, mobile app testing, real estate services, verifying a business’s hours…a large variety of gigs. You are paid depending on the gig performed, and the pay may range form $3.00 to $50.00 per job.

You shop on a regular basis, so why not make a few bucks while you’re at it? And, in doing so, you help retailers market their products.  If you have a smart phone with Android or iOS operating systems, you can download the Ibotta app, select offers to do, buy the item, make some money. Simple.  They claim “cash, not coupons” and they are giving beginners $2.00 when they complete two offers within two weeks.  The principal behind Ibotta is based on you uploading an image of a receipt showing the purchase of an item from one of the many retailers participating in the Ibotta program. It takes about a day (maybe two) for Ibotta to confirm the purchase and then they put your earnings into your account. Once you earn $5.00 minimum balance, you can transfer your earnings to Paypal.

This one intrigues me. Nexercise is a mobile app that tracks your exercise and rewards you for accomplishing your goals. The rewards are in the form of points, discoints, and coupons to be used on real products from real retailers. The app uses GPS to track and validate your exercise and compare it to the goals you indicated.  Right now this app is only available for iOS and Android smart phone operating systems.

Snap by Groupon
Similar to IBotta, this is an app for any cell phone that pays you cash back for groceries.  You sign up for a free account, browse promoted products on the app (or website), make the purchase and upload an image of the receipt showing proof of the purchase and voila !  You earn cash with your phone.  Once you reach $20.00 in your account, you can cash out.

An interesting way to make money with your smart phone, Locket is an Android App that pays you to turn your lock screen into an advertisement.  Every time you unlock your phone or tablet, you quickly view or ignore an ad and get paid.  How much ?  Well, they don’t share that info but according to a review of Locket done by, you are capped at earning $.72 per day (that’s seventy-two cents).  Pretty low, but it is extra cash after all.  And we all unlock our phones anyway.

Hiring for the Fall rental season, you perform real estate market research, serving the commercial apartment industry, you conduct surveys to obtain information on specific apartment communities. You will be required to complete a certain number of market surveys for payment of up to $11.00 per hour. Note: If you don’t complete the required number, your pay will be less.

The idea behind Elusive Stars is to review new apps and give HONEST feedback. So a developer posts an app, you – as a Tester – review it and provide honest feedback that helps the developer determine where improvements are needed.  You can get paid actual cash for testing apps. When your balance reaches $10.00, you can transfer the funds to your Paypal account.

Easy Shift
Get the app and start earning money. You find “shifts” in your area, complete the task, and earn cash and rewards. A shift may be as simple as counting a store’s inventory on the shelf or doing quick price checks. Easy Shift guarantees payment into your Paypal account within 48 hours, and often sooner.

Available for Android and IPhones, this is an app that lets you collect “Kicks”, or points just for walking into stores. You go into Target, Lowes, Best Buy, Walmart – just to name a few – scan featured products and collect Kicks which add up to gift cards to some of the big retailers.  And, if you make a purchase you get even more Kicks.  Unfortunately, you don’t get cash for your points, but the gift cards sure come in handy.
This company seeks telephone mystery shoppers to work as independent contractors. All telephone mystery shoppers are paid on a completed job basis at the compensation of $3.00 to $10.00 per shop.

Go Spot Check
Download the intuitive app to view and accept available “missions” based on your current location. A mission is a set of tasks that you complete, which may include taking a photo of a particular item or performing price comparisons. You are paid in cash or points.

Perception Strategies
Perception Strategies is a healthcare mystery shopping company whose program is to ” utilize the perceptions of trained observers to identify customer service opportunities.” Your pay will be between $12.00 and $17.00 per “shop”, although you may only receive a few shops per month.

Another “unlock you phone” Android app, Slidejoy will show you ads on your phone’s lock screen.  Swiping either left (to view the ad) or right (to ignore the ad) will net you a few bucks a week.

This is a mystery shopping app, available for iPhones. Similar to traditional mystery shopping, but with an updated twist…you don’t have to rush home after the shop and answer questions, often from memory. You download the app and use their interface to complete the assignment – virtually instantly. The nice thing about mystery shopping with a smart phone is no one will know you’re a shopping agent.

This is another app, for Apple and Android, where you upload your receipt in exchange for cash. ReceiptHog gathers information from your receipt – from any retailer or merchant – to create marketing reports for third party company use. When you enter your receipt, you earn “coins”. According to ReceiptHog, you can submit 20 receipts for every 7 days.  Once you’ve reached 1000 coins, you’ll be eligible for a $5 PayPal cash redemption or an Amazon gift card.  ReceiptHog claims that receipts from ANY merchant and ANY retailer, besides receipts from restaurants, apparel, home improvement, and gas-only purchases, are allowed to be uploaded.

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