Micro Job Sites: Are They Worth it ?

Are Micro Job Sites worth the effort ?

To answer that question, I would have to say “yes”.  However, I consider micro job sites to be used for generating extra money…not something you can live off.  As you will discover while reading this article, the pay is miniscule per individual task, but it is possible to rack up a good chunk of change IF you’re able to do some of the higher paying tasks.

So yes, micro job sites are worth it.

How Do Micro Job Sites Work ? A General Description

Micro job sites (aka: task sites) allow you to sign up as a worker to perform quick jobs. The entire process is pretty simple, but in a nutshell you have the option to pick and choose which jobs your want to do. People post jobs they need to have done, you do the work and get paid, and both parties are happy.  Well…I should mention that some of the jobs are tedious, boring and hardly worth the effort. But if you have nothing better to do…

Let’s say someone needs to have something done – like a quick photo edit or a bunch of Twitter re-tweets to their blog post.  In the world of online micro jobs, this is considered a “task”, “job”, or “hit”, which they post on the micro job site.  You peruse the available tasks, decide which one you want to do, and do it.

Some of the task sites require you to take tests to determine your skills in order to gain access to all the jobs available. This is a good thing, actually, as it gives both you (the worker) and the job poster a bit of reassurance that the job is worth the time and effort. The tasks will have a complete description of the work expected and time allowed to do the work. It is important to note that if the owner of the task is not completely satisfied with your work, you may not get paid. To build and retain a positive reputation, you need to perform the task as requested. Examples of tasks: write poems, sign up for giveaways on the behalf of the job poster, do work via Excel.

How Much Can I Make and When Will I Be Paid ?

The pay per task (job, hit) ranges from $.01 to up to a few dollars, depending on the criteria and length of time expected to do the work. The shorter, easier tasks tend to pay on the lower end of the pay scale while the more involved tasks are on the higher end. When you get paid depends on the micro job site. Typically, once you have reached a certain threshold, you may request a payout.

Will I Really Be My Own Boss ?

Yep, you sure will. If you earn over a certain amount in a year ($600.00 in 2012), you will receive a 1099 from the micro job site detailing your earning, which is reported to the IRS (in the USA). You are required to report this income on your tax returns.

So…What Are Some Of The Good Micro Job Sites ?

Amazon Mechanical Turk
I have used Mechanical Turk to earn money nearly every day.  Although the gigs pay just a little bit, it does add to the daily income.  If you can do transcription, look for those types of gigs as they pay more.

This is a very popular platform, and many people claim to be doing quite well.  Personally, I ahve not had much success.

Creat your Work Station account and start freelancing.

This is a great way to earn a bit of extra cash.  Although the payout per job is (less than) $5.00 (they get their cut), it is a consistent form of income if you have a worthy talent.

Minute Workers

Mobile Works

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