Online Mock Jury Jobs

As an online juror, your job will be to participate in mock trials so attorneys and case workers can determine the outcome of certain scenarios. You will be paid for your verdict, which can range between $10.00 and $60.00 per online trial. The number of cases available determine the amount of money you make

Some of the tasks that may be involved with this type of work include reviewing case summaries, filling out questionnaires, and deliberating with other jurors regarding the case you are working on. Although special skills are not required, there are specific requirements you must meet, such as age and citizenship.
There is no charge to sign up. Cases are assigned based upon availability from attorneys, where you live (your residence), and your demographic details.

Jury Test
“Jurors answer a detailed questionnaire after they view a client’s presentation as well as participating in an online discussion group. Jurors respond to both general verdict questions, as well as detailed questions tailored specifically to the client’s case.”
“Earn extra money by becoming an juror. You will review interesting legal cases from the comfort of your home, provide feedback through an online questionnaire, and be paid well for your time.”

Trial Juries
A web-based mock jury system, Trial Juries randomly selects virtual jurors to provide feedback on cases submitted by participating law firms. Your participation to review the attorneys case submissions and answer their questions should take about an hour. In most cases, we’ll pay you $30. For more complex cases, we’ll pay you more. Payments are made via PayPal within a few days of your completion of your work on each case.
Help resolve actual legal cases by serving as a surrogate juror. They claim you can earn at least $100 for one day’s work if you are randomly selected to participate.

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