What is Postloop And How Does It Work ?

Earn Money Posting in Forums

I recently signed-up with Postloop and I gottta say I like it. The work, if you can call it that, is a bit fun. Postloop is basically a platform for new forum / blog owners to hire people to post to their forum or blog.  So…I’ll give you a few tips on how to make money with Postloop

New forums and blogs need to build up some reputation within their niche, which is often diffficult. That’s where Postloop comes into play. You Earn Money Posting comments and posts on new blogs and forums to help give the feel of popularity.

I have discovered, however, that getting started is a bit tricky.

1) Once you set up an account, you have to register at, AND subscribe to, the Postloop Portal and do 10 trial posts.
2) Your posts are rated, which determines if you are a good fit for the Postloop community of workers.
3) Command of the English language and proper grammar are essential.
4) Your test posts should consist of replies to existing conversation threads and create new threads.

There is a bit of a waiting period (typically 24 hours) to learn if you have been approved or not. Based on your test posts, you are given a user rating which determines how much you are paid. The major negative I have with postloop is the fact I had to spend a good chunk of time registering with the various forums in order to post threads.

How Much Will I Get Paid ?

Payment amount is dependent upon several factors, one of which is your initial rating with Postloop. You earn points, which are equivalent to cash (100 points = $5.00) before you can request a payout, but is is possible to reach this goal every day. I tend to earn $.05 per post. Another factor is the usefulness of your posts, threads and comments. The more forums your participate on, the more your earning potential.

Earn Money With Postloop

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