The REAL Truth About Work At Home Jobs

Kathleen Lewis

After many years of working for someone else, I was faced with the opportunity of doing my own thing. I grabbed the chance to develop my skills and share my knowledge in the areas of working at home and finding online work.

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3 Responses

  1. Carmen says:

    So true ! I recently started working from home and you’re so right in that you really do have to work.

  2. Chelsey says:

    I have been searching and keep coming across all the scams. I have yet to fall for one but would really like a legitimate opportunity to work from home. Do you have an suggestions about where to start?

    • Kathleen Lewis says:

      Hi Chelsey,

      There are a few things you should do: first, think about what you would like to do – what interests do you have and where your background lies. Then figure out how much time you have available to actually work. Then you can peruse the job categories indicated on the right panel of this site.

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