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headsetTranscription companies are constantly seeking new talent to add to their pool. General, legal, and medical transcription jobs – online – are becoming more widely known in the work at home arena. Although many companies who offer such services do seek work at home transcriptionists, the typical length of experience required is 2 years although many companies don’t require any prior transcription experience.

Following is a list of companies who seek at home transcriptionists.

General and Legal Transcription Companies Offering Work at Home Jobs:

GMR Transcription
No experience necessary to work for this company but they do have a strict grading system  Read my review of GMR here.

No experience required.  This is a well-liked company and a lot of people make decent money with them.  The only issue I have with them was when I went to create an account they wanted my SS# for tax purposes.  Made me reconsider..heck, I wasn’t even hired at that point.  Fingers crossed they change that soon.

Rev Transcription
This is a popular company to work for because they pay quickly.  Top earners can make over $1,000 per month.  Read my review of Rev here.

They frequently accept applications for experienced legal transcriptionists. From what I have read on other work at home forums, many people like this company and there is plenty of work.

American High Tech Transcription

E Transcription Solutions
Online work from home performing general transcription.

Morningside Partners
Legitimate company seeking work at home transcriptionists.

The Transcription Agency

Way With Words

On The Record Reporting And Transcription

Accutran Global

Tiger Fish

Medical Transcription Companies Offering Work at Home Jobs:

Accutran Global

Applied Medical Services

Ascend Healthcare Systems

CSS Transcription


Phoenix MedCom, Inc.

Perfect Transcription

TransTech Medical Solutions

Heartland Information Services

Special Equipment That May be Needed for Transcription Jobs:

  • Digital transcription pedal
  • Microsoft Office 2000 or above
  • WordPerfect (optional but a plus)
  • Medical spell check Software (for medical transcription jobs)
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Reference (for medical transcription jobs)
  • High Speed Internet






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