EWomanWeb.com…Who Are We ?

EWomanWeb.com…who are we?  This blog was created out of the desire to help people find legitimate online jobs and provide real work at home leads.  Don’t worry, guys.  We’re not just for women.

I am Kathleen Lewis and this is what I do.  I devote several hours a day researching and writing about ways to work at home and make money in the process.  It has not been the easiest of journeys, but it has been fun.  I personally hand screen the jobs I write about.  I personally do my best to verify the legitimacy of each lead.  I personally scour the web hunting down a variety of jobs that let you work online, at home, and on your time.  I only provide leads to home-based jobs I would feel comfortable doing myself.

How I got to Where I am

There used to be a time when your job was secure…unless you did something that warranted firing. Today, many people are being laid-off from their job, the main reason being “there isn’t enough work”. The newest catch-phrase in the workplace is “Reduction-In-Force”. I learned the hard way that this means “you’re not really fired, you’re not really laid-off, we just can’t afford to keep you”.

So I was let go.  OK, fine. Now what?  Well, my first thought was (actually it was my second or third thought): Great, I have no income, but you guys get to keep every penny of yours. Enjoy all the extra work you will now have to do!

A few days later my job search began. It didn’t take long to determine there weren’t many jobs that suit me, or I suit – so I decided to try to figure out what I really wanted to do. A hard concept, as I enjoy a lot of things but I am not really an expert in anything.

After a bit of soul-searching and research I decided I did not want to go back to the old routine of working for someone else. I dreaded the idea of going through the interview process, answering questions like “what are your strong points?”. “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”. I also couldn’t bear the thought of waking up at a certain time every day just to go to an office that more than likely was filled with office politics and catty women.  And secretly, I wanted to stay at home.  I have to make money, though.

So, what to do? Start my own home business? Hmmm…why not? Can I do it? What can I do? After several days of working through my anxieties I decided to take the plunge. I sorted out all my reasons for starting a home business and decided on what it is I wanted to do. With my background in accounting and human resources I knew I could be a great resource for other people who are forced into a situation similar to mine. But in all honesty, I didn’t want to go that route.

So I dug deeper into my soul.  For as long as I can remember, I always loved to hear stories of people who took the bull by the horns and started their own business. Whether they decided to pursue a work at home opportunity, a franchise, become a consultant of some sort, or open a shop in town I was always proud to hear their story. I wanted to be part of their story.  I wanted to be able to help others find their success.  I wanted to help create more stories.

After a while of encouraging others to start their own business it hit me:  It can be frightening starting a business.  Why not steer people in the direction of working for a legitimate company, but doing so at home?  After all, that was my secret desire.  I figured there were many others out there who wanted to work at home, too.

So I started this website, which went through a few transformations since its inception in 2007.  But the purpose remained the same:  to provide the legitimate job leads you want, need, and deserve.

I guess it took losing my job to really open my eyes and seize the opportunity handed to me.


Please know that all the written content within eWomanWeb.com is mine, from my own brain and based on my own personal research.  Use of any content without my permission is prohibited.




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